Imelda Easthorpe

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


I have been in the fitness industry in varying degrees for a little over 24 years and have always demonstrated an enormous passion for sport, health and wellbeing.


From a young age I have always been involved in sport and love the team work, euphoria and discipline that this gives, yet alone the health benefits and confidence to me as an individual.


As a keen road cyclist I love teaching RPM and Body pump and believe that they are vital ingredients in helping me when I’m out on the road.


Good  Highly Motivated

Bad     Hugely OCD

Ugly    Hate negativity




Hi I’m Adele – and very passionate and fun Group Exercise Instructor at Synergy 81 in Chessington, with 14 years of experience. My motto is: It’s all about having fun and don’t take yourself too seriously! And if you come to my classes you’ll understand why.


My classes are primarily Body Jam, DDMIX and Fitsteps, which demonstrate my passion for dancing and my versatility in all styles of dance. In addition to, Body Balance, which I believe is the ultimate class to complement the rigours of other dance and fitness classes. The highlight of my career so far – sharing the stage and team teaching DDMIX with the “wonderful” Darcey Bussell.


Good  I’m very passionate

Bad     I’m too much of a perfectionist

Ugly    I worry too much




Hi, my name is Steph and I feel really lucky to be able to deliver fitness classes for Synergy81 in Chessington - my classes are high energy and loud (as I don’t get out too much anymore!) and so Synergy81 is the perfect platform for this  – my aim is for you to leave the studio feeling energised and raring to go.  I teach Aqua, HIIT & Spin, have a four year old daughter and run a business that combines health, beauty & fitness for today’s busy ladies & mums. I also enjoy wine, music, good friends, food & holidays.


Good  Organisation - I love a list!

Bad     Try to do too much

Ugly    Fight for my cause




Hi I am Colette. I have over 10 years’ experience and helped hundreds of people get fitter, stronger, leaner and have fun doing in through teaching group fitness classes in Epsom and personal training.


My classes are Body Pump and Cycle, I love teaching both programmes and will challenge you to push harder and get fitter with me. I am a bikini athlete and compete in body building competitions, I love the challenge and focus doing this brings to my own personal fitness regime. I hope to inspire you to be the best version of yourself and to have fun while getting your body and mind-set into great shape!


Good  I inspire and motivate

Bad     Never take 'I can’t' as an answer

Ugly    Pushing you to your limit




HI I’m Neil For the past 19 years I have been teaching indoor cycling, sharing my passion for outdoor cycling and combining it with my love of music. I have been a master educator for many indoor cycling companies but at present am an international master trainer for Stages Indoor Cycling and I run my own indoor cycling company called Velocity. Expect real fun rides with an eclectic mix of music in my classes.


Good  My classes obviously

Bad     Just remember I'm not making       the classes harder you're just getting stronger

Ugly    My dance moves as witnessed with my performance in DDMIX




Hi I am Claire and have been in the fitness industry for 19 years and teach a variety of classes from RPM, Body Pump, balance, Insanity and Pilates. I am also a Personal Trainer and owner of a Fitness industry training company YBFIT Training.


Good  Have a happy/fun outlook on life

Bad     Haribo Sweets

Ugly    Can be impatient




Hi I'm Chrissie and I'm a Yoga Teacher. I've been teaching yoga for eight years now and can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.


When I'm not doing yoga you'll probably find me doing something dance related - ballet, contemporary and when the summer comes, carnival!


Good  So laid back

Bad     Too much cheese!

Ugly    Warped sense of humour




Hi I am Samantha, My whole life has been revolved around Dance, where I was Lucky enough to study at The Brit School of Performing Arts followed by a 3 year degree course at the Prestigious London Studio Centre. I have explored all styles of Dance including Latin & Ballroom, Ballet, Street Dance, Tap and modern.


I fell into the Exercise Industry 7 years ago and I adore it. My focus is Pilates as I am very interested in the long term health benefits Pilates offers and I wanted to find something to keep me flexible and strong. I am also a fully qualified Level 2 Fitness instructor, (ETM) and deliver Zumba, Zumba toning, Insanity, Dance and Aerobic Base classes. I am pre and post-natal qualified and teach Level 3 Mat based Pilates.


Good  Very hyper

Bad     Love fizzy drinks

Ugly    Florescent gym kit




Hi I’m Laura, having worked in the world of advertising for a few years I learnt very quickly what it was to burn out! I started yoga to refill my energy levels and fell in love with the practice, so as soon as I was qualified to teach I quit my city job and started my own yoga company, Yaur Yoga. Yaur Yoga is your time - I love giving people the time in their day to look after themselves - looking after yourself gives you the energy to look after others and that should make a really lovely world to live in. Baptiste Style Vinyasa Flow yoga focuses on empowerment, both for your body and your mind so you will come out of class feeling totally re-energised and renewed.


Good  Hard working!

Bad     Perfectionist

Ugly    Peanut butter




Spurred on by my love of fitness and dance I started out in the fitness industry in 1988; teaching aerobics in my little black and white checked lycra outfit...not a pretty site! Soon after this life changing experience, I set up my own personal training business and took my first acting classes. From the mid nineties to 2004 I worked extensively with Fit Pro and Les Mills International, presenting: Body Pump, Body Jam and Bodybalance throughout the UK and Europe. 2004 saw me move to the States to study acting full-time.


Good  My beautiful baby son

Bad     80’s spandex

Ugly    world violence




Hi my name is Lesley-Anne but most people call me LA. I’m a formerly retired nurse with 20+ years’ experience and have now been in the fitness industry for the past 5 years. I am a Pilates instructor, also teaching Aqua Hydrotherapy classes alongside being a Sports Massage Therapist and a Natural Nutritionist.


From my own personal health and journey in fitness, Pilates is my key to keeping well!


I am very passionate about trying to bring the method of Pilates to members, helping them apply it to their daily living activities. Focusing on how you can take control of your body and improve your overall core, balance and posture. I love to work with rehabilitation members who are very welcome to attend my classes.


Everyone is welcome in my Pilates here at Synergy 81 in Chessington from Beginners to Advanced!!!


Good  Listening and understanding

Bad     I talk too much

Ugly    Will make you work hard





Hi my full name is Vytautas well for some people really hard to pronounce my name or just simply call me vitas.. My self I was born and raised in Lithuania , I was big fan and very passionated with basketball I played since I was 12 years old kid and played around 10 years, so you see me wearing most of the time basketball kit . I have another name "killer vitas" you know why come to my class! always been hard working person I will come first in the gym or basketball hall and leave as last person , sports like basketball change my life style and thinking about life , which if you want something you have to push your self mentally and physically beyond your limits is only way we will make a change with ourselves and we will change the world...


In fitness industry I am around 2 years, as grit instructor around the year,

is kind of my style, speed, power, explosion agility this is want you want

to reshape your body and achieve

great results.


Good  Loyalty

Bad     When I am panicking

Ugly    Where is no love No respect that's ugly





Hi….I am Zorina and I am qualified in Personal Training, Exercise to Music, Indoor Cycling, Les Mills Body Pump as well as others.


I teach Body Pump and Indoor Cycling here at Synergy81


I am passionate about exercise and improving our overall health and wellbeing, and I am always keen to try something new when it comes to exercise!! Its good to come out of your comfort zone……


Synergy81 is a great place to work with a supportive team and awesome members! The studios are equipped to the highest standard…..and the Stages indoor cycling bikes are truly amazing! All of this helps to make exercise fun as well as beneficial.


Good  I am focussed and always up for a challenge, and love having fun

Bad     My laugh is too loud!

Ugly    I have been known to sulk on occasion when losing!





Hi my name is Nicola, I have been in the industry for the last 10 years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor; teaching in both the UK and Australia.


My interesting facts are; I previously trained as a 400m hurdler and was ranked 5th in the UK in 2004.


I've travelled through over 20 countries including many in Africa and Asia.




Hi, I'm Nancy and an instructor at Synergy81. I've been teaching and personal training for 4 years and before that I was in academia so I have a real love of knowledge and specifically sharing that knowledge with others. At Synergy81 I will be teaching bodypump but I also teach spin, bodyattack, bodystep, HIIT and Sh'bam (dance!) so I have a wide variety of skills and expertise.


Seeing people reach their goals and have fun doing it is what drives my passion. I can't wait to share that passion with you.


Good  Enthusiastic

Bad     Totally addicted to chocolate

Ugly    Bit of a workaholic!





I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 fabulous years!  At the beginning of the millennium I was busting moves in classes taught by instructors who will be teaching here at Synergy, today!  I wanted a piece of the magic they were creating.  I want you guys to feel the way I felt then and feel now… Amazing.


I will be teaching Body Attack (work out), Body Combat (thrash it out) and Body Jam (let it out!).  A little of what you like and a whole load of what you love.


Please come and chat to me before and after class; I want your feedback. What are your favourite tracks? What music do you love to move to? I want you to let me know what you want… and when do you want it… (NOW!)


Good  Energy to Burn (Baby, burn!)

Bad     Hate having to let Paul win

Ugly    Apparently I gurn (aka ‘facially active’)





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